Christmas Carriage Rides in Dresden, Ohio

We will be doing our Christmas Carriage Rides tonight and then again next Fri.(Dec. 19) from 5:00 till 8:00pm (weather permitting). Tonight looks like it is going to be great weather to go through downtown Dresden and see all the beautiful decorations. By the way, did I tell you that the carriage will be a Cinderella carriage! Some of our stores will also be open for you to check them out, as well. See you soon!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Bailey’s Home Harbor would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Please be safe and enjoy your families. If on Friday you are still needing to get rid of some of that feast, come out to Dresden and walk to all of our stores. Bailey’s Home Harbor will be giving you a 10% off on all cash purchases with an extra 10% off on our Polish Pottery, Jim Shore, our delicious Waggoner Chocolates, along with a lot of other bargins. See you all soon!

Last night’s “Ladies Night Out”

What a perfect night for the kick off to the Christmas season, here in Dresden. The snow flurries were right on time and the smiling faces of  those, who were here, just said it all! Bailey’s Home Harbor would like to thank all of those who came out for last night’s Ladies Night Out. We had a great time with all of you! By the looks of all the bags you were all carrying, I guess you all had a great time with us as well. Thank you, all of you and we, here at Bailey’s Home Harbor, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas!!

What a great night to share in Dresden

Once again, we had a wonderful evening here in Dresden. We had so many come out for the Haunted Wagon Ride to enjoy a beautiful evening. We want to thank all of you for coming and supporting our Dresden Beautification Project. You let us know how much you care for our quaint little town of Dresden, Ohio and we will try to make it what you are wanting it to be. Thank you, all, so very much!!We are scheduled for the last two Saturday’s before Halloween next year, so mark your calendars.. Also, a big THANK YOU for all of those that came out to help scare our wagon riders (and even the driver and narrator a couple of times), Barb and Steve Waltz (that came to help from Westerville) and Rachel and Mark Romine. We couldn’t have done it as well without you!

What a great fall evening in Dresden!

Bailey’s Home Harbor and The Dresden Museum would like to thank everyone for coming out last night for our first great, fun Haunted Wagon Ride. We also want tothank all those that were are ghost, ghouls, ect. and all the wonderfull stores that stayed open late to help make everyone’s night a little nicer ( Miller’s Flower’s and Grandma’s Country Store, Mom’s Boutique, HOPE, and Weaver’s Square) It was great to hear everyone thanking all of us for staying open and having something like this, for our town. We truely can’t thank everyone enough!

Haunted Wagon Ride

Bailey’s Home Harbor, 610 Main Street -Dresden, Ohio, and the Dresden Museum will be hosting a Haunted Wagon Ride October 18th and October 25th, 6pm-8pm in Dresden (weather permitting).

The price for the horse drawn wagon ride will be only $5:00 per person.

The riders will be treated to a narrative of Dresden ghost stories. An occasional ghost, ghoul or zombie may be spotted lurking on the trail.

Several downtown stores will be open for your shopping enjoyment. Bailey’s Home Harbor and some of the other stores will be offering some haunting and scarry savings! There will also be donuts, hot dogs, brauts, and hot cider for a donation. All proceeds will go to the Beautification of Dresden Project.

Let’s Stroll Through The Store With Cousin Debbie, Part 1

Cousin Debbie came to visit last month and took some pictures of our store.  She’d like to share them with you.IMG_1191

Let’s cross the street and see what’s inside.

610 Main Street Dresden Ohio


Bailey’s Home Harbor is in the Stone Cottage at 610 Main Street in Dresden Ohio.


Look out for bears at the front entrance!Come On In




What a beautiful first impression!



Hi There cousin Karen!IMG_0938





It’s been a long trip from New Philadelphia so I am going to head for the kitchen to see if you’ve made any free samples of your tasty dips and breads!


IMG_1154Karens Kitchen


Oops!  In my hurry to get a snack, I walked right by a display of Jim Shore Figures and a lots of Basket Liners, Protectors and Accessories.

IMG_1152 IMG_1153

IMG_1151I can’t wait to see the rest of the store in Part 2!